Marinated chicken salad13,5€ (L)

Soy sauce marinated chicken, fried potato, balsamic dressing, salad mix, cherry tomato, cucumber, carrot

Caesar salad with chicken and bacon/shrimp 13/14

Oven baked chicken and bacon/shrimp, croutons, Crepp Caesar dressing, salad mix, cherry tomato, cucumber, Parmesan

Chicken liver salad12€ (G,L)

Chicken liver, beetroot, corn, fried potato, balsamic dressing, salad mix, cherry tomato, cucumber, paprika

Pork fillet salad 15€ (G,L)

Pork fillet mignon, fried potato, balsamic dressing, salad mix, champignon, cherry tomato, cucumber, leek, carrot

Simple pepperoni salad 11€ (L)

Fried pepperoni sausage, fired potato, balsamic dressing, pickled cucumber, salad mix, cherry tomato 

Tuna salad 13€ (G)

Canned tuna, fired potato, boiled egg, capers, bell pepper, olives, yoghurt dressing, lemon, salad mix, cherry toamto, cucumber, green beans

Grilled salmon salad 15€ (G,L)

Grilled salmon fillet, various seeds, orange vinaigrette dressing, lemon, salad mix,  cherry tomato, cucumber, paprika, green beans

Cured salmon salad 14€ (L)

Cured salmon, vinaigrette dressing, salad mix, paprika, pickled red onion, boiled egg, cucumber, tomato, croutons

Shrimp salad 14€ (G)

Giant shrimp, Thousand Island dressing, sprouts, boiled egg, paprika, lemon, various seeds, salad mix, cucumber, cherry tomato

Feta cheese salad 12,5€ (G)

Feta cheese, salad mix, herb oil dressing, cherry tomato, olives, pickled 

Eggplant salad 12,5€ (G)

Baked eggplant with mozzarella and tomato, balsamic dressing, salad mix, cucumber

Goat cheese salad 14€ 

Goat cheese, toast, pear, onion jam, walnut, salad mix, rocket beetroot, cherry tomato, herb oil dressing

Salad with crispy fried chickpeas 12,5€ (V,G,L)

Fried chickpeas, various seeds, sprouts, fried potato, balsamic dressing, lettuce, rocket, cherry tomato, cucumber, beetroot, carrot

Salad with pea-potato patties 13,5€ (V,G,L)

Potato-pea patties, cashew dressing, salad mix, cherry toamto, cucumber, beetroot, bell pepper, green peas


Spicy tomato soup and minced meat 8€ (L)

French onion soup 7€


Late breakfast 9,5€ (G)

Fried potato, fried egg, bacon, salad

Quiche with ham, blue cheese and spinach 7€


Rich snack selection 16/30€

Blue cheese, brie, local truffle salami, prosciutto, spicy salami, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, strawberries, onion jam, cherry tomatoes

Cheese selection 15/28€

Gorgonzola, white mould goat's cheese, pecorino, local farm cheese with juniper, olives, artichokes, cherry tomatoes, grapes

Les Galettes

Cheese, ham and mushroom dressing 10€

Blue cheese and tomato 9,5€

Sun-dried tomato, ham and cream cheese 10€

Cheese, avocado cream and chicken 10,5€

Blue cheese, ham and pineapple 10€

Chorizo, parmesan and tomato 10€

Cured salmon, capers and cream cheese 11,5€

Tuna, leek, mayonnaise, cheese and tomato 10,5

Salmon, leek and cream cheese 11€

Chicken, blue cheese and tomato 10,5€

Cheese, avocado cream, red onion and bell pepper 10€

Mexican chicken, avocado cream, cheese, bell pepper and corn 10,5€

Les Crepes

Banana, chocolate and almonds 8,5€

Cherries, chocolate and almonds 8,5€

Strawberries, chocolate and almonds 9€

Raspberry jam 8,5€

Strawberry jam 8,5€

Blueberries 8,5€

Blueberries, raspberry jam and strawberry jam 9€

Coconut cream and strawberries 10€

Fresh seasonal berries 10€

Mascarpone and raspberry jam 9,5€

Mascarpone and Nutella 10€

Strawberries, banana and Nutella 10€

Roasted hazelnuts and honey 8,5€

Citrus caramel 9€

Rum caramel and roasted hazelnuts 9€


Warm apple pie with homemade whipped cream 6,5€

Rich chocolate cake with seasonal berries 7€ (V, L)

New Yorgi cheesecake 7€

Crème brûlée 6,5€ (G)

Pavlova with whipped cream and seasonal berries 6,5€ (G)

Ice cream with Creme de Cassis (contains alcohol) 5,5€ (G)

Ice cream with jam or citrus caramel and roasted hazelnuts 5,5€ (G)

G- can be served gluten free  L- lactose free  V- vegan